“it used to be all better”

The Zeeman family, about  1920. To the left sits my grandmother Coba.

The most recent story

My great-grandmother Jo Benner has a background story on this website. The Benner’s also play an important role in the history of my ancestors. During my research I came accross the story of Bas Benner, who was called Johan Bastiaan Benner in full. Also a part of his life is worth being told. Read on.

Jo Benner

From The Hague to Rotterdam

Willemina van der Hoop

Was she 2 days or 90 years old?

Hendrik Gerrits

Oil butcher in Zwolle and Hattem.

Quarterly states of Jan’s parents

Take them and fill them

The Segaar’s and Verbiest’en, can it be more Leiden?

On the run from the Spaniards.

Bas Benner

He was arrested by the Nazis and did not return home.

Where I live and who I am

I, as a human being, naturally come from a long line of ancestors. How I live and live in life is, to a large extent, partly determined by my education.

I got that education from my father and mother. And they have once again received a great deal of their norms and values from their parents. This is, of course, adapted to the prevailing spirit of the age, transferred from generation to generation.

Since everyone has had at least one father and one mother, the number of ancestors per generation that you go back in time is increasing by a factor of two. If you go back about six generations in time, then you have already about 64 ancestors, 32 men and 32 women. Figuring out the names of these people, along with the factual data that they hear, such as birth, marriage and death dates, is also known as genealogy. It is not difficult but becomes more difficult as you go back in time. If you want to know more about it you can go to many websites.

Much more fun and at the same time much more difficult to find out how your family used to live, what they did as a profession, where they lived, in short, you try to get an idea of their circumstances.

You have to limit yourself to a small selection of your ancestors. You should also delve into history to get an idea of the generally prevailing circumstances in the time they lived.

Much more difficult, but also much more interesting! Because the longer you engage with a number of ancestors and the deeper you dig into their situation, the more they get a “face” and, even though they have died centuries ago, they are slowly but surely again part of your family. That digging works almost addictive.