About myself

Who is Jan?

In short, Jan is the sum of all his ancestors plus what he himself and his surroundings have added to it.

He will pass it on to his offspring, whether they like it or not.

And that, dear reader, is now what we call ‘ the Circle of Life ‘.

My origins

As a Rotterdam-born, I like to take action. To some extent that is. Because although I was born in Rotterdam, I never lived there. I grew up in The Hague and surroundings. And as a real habitant of The Hague, I also like a good plan, a logical plan that allows you to achieve your goals. This is my motto: first think then do.

Think and do

Logic is important to me Everything happens with a reason, even though it is often impossible to figure out the reason. That also explains my interest in history. For everything that has already happened. Because only by knowing history can you say something about the future. By establishing links between past events, we are able to predict with the necessary blows to the arm something about what is waiting for us.

Those who came before me

I can also learn from the people I inherited the genes from. Who were they, what did they do, what did they think? Where did they hope for, where did they dream of, where did they count on? Where were they afraid of, where were they angry with?

Thanks to the fact that more and more archives are coming online and more and more people can get in touch with each other, it is becoming more and more possible to catch a glimpse of how my (and possibly your) ancestors have lived.